Artistari Gentari is fuelled by highly committed youths with works that creates Malay dance pieces

that combine traditional techniques and aesthetics with contemporary impulses. 

Led by Artistic Director and Choreographer, Badarudin Hassan, has been well-received by youths as an opportunity to engage with professionals in Singapore Arts industry.  The group has performed on stage for Mediacorp Suria’s Sinar Lebaran 2018 – 2020, Sinaran Hati 2018 – 2019, Rapsodi (held in Brunei Darusalam) 2018, Projek Kasih in 2019, Rayakustika in 2019 and National Day Parade 2019 as well as overseas for the China International Youth Arts Festival in 2018.

Artistari Gentari has been commissioned and presented by Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay for Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts 2015 – 2017 and A Date with Friends 2016 – 2019. 

Artistari Gentari also has been featured as the youngest team to hold an Artistic Direction for Chingay Parade Malay Contingent 2020, leading a 150 participants in a contingent

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1. A Date With Friends , All You Need is Love

2. Dansamania (Mediacorp)

3. District 18 : P7:1sma

4. Project Kasih (Mediacorp)

5. Sinar Lebaran (Mediacorp)

6. ATRIKA Danzfest

7. Rayakustika (Mediacorp)

8. OK Shiok! (Mediacorp)

9. National Day Parade

10. Re:Imagine Malay Dance: P7:1sma

11. World Martial Arts Festival - Chungju, South Korea


1. Chingay Parade Singapore 2020 : Nazam Peribumi

2. Sinar Lebaran (Mediacorp)


1. Sinaran Hati (Mediacorp)

2. Himpunan Serumpun 5

3. Joget by Esplanade

4. A Date With Friends,  Tribute to Elvis

5. Sinar Lebaran (Mediacorp)

6. Malay Cultural Fest

6. China International Youth Arts Festival , Shanghai

7. Rapsodi , Brunei (Mediacorp)

8. 18th World Pencak Silat Championship

1. Chingay Parade Singapore

2. Chingay Heartland

3. A Date with Friends with Hyrul and the Hypervenilates

4. Malam Kenangan Dato Jeffrydin

5. ONE : Inaugural Bridal Runway Show by HTWRL x EIKL

6. Pesta Raya , Serentak Sedunia




1. ATRIKA DanzFest

2. Pesta Raya, Kenangan : Gemilang Suara Kita

3. A Date with Friends with Hyrul and the Hypervenilates

4. Inspirasi 9



1. ATRIKA Danz Fest

2. Pesta Raya, Kenangan : Dari Layar Perak ke Pentas Tari

3. Bunga Tanjong



1. ATRIKA Danz Fest

2. MUARA - Pesta Tari Melayu Singapura




Soultari Amin Farid
Company Advisor
Fitri Farisha
Assistant Choreographer
Badarudin Hassan
Artistic Director
Muhd Danial
Dance Master
Ainin Sofiya
Company Manager
Nurul Iffah
Dance Master
Lyn Hanis
Associate Dance Advisor
Anna Natassha
Publicity Executive