Looking Out the Window is a double-bill of new works by Badarudin Hasan and Lyn Hanis Rezuan respectively. The window as metaphor provides a symbolic departure into their exploration that delves deep into their own experiences as engaged observers of their environs and as agents of human expression. Bada and Lyn present how their bodies are active mediums of translating memories, emotions, and desires. They entice viewers to reflect on their own unique entry points, not to take for granted our own lived realities



Fragments by Badarudin Hassan

For Badarudin Hasan looking outside the window is an entry point to the interstices of man and nature. He explores liminality through employing the human body and multimedia to translate his embodiment of the elements of nature – water and air. From his observation of the “outside”, Bada’s introspection is a rite of passage negotiating the limitations of his body to let nature takes its course.


In Limbo by Lyn Hanis Rezuan

With a lightbulb in hand, she stands still in the middle of a crowded pathway. Affected by the ways of the world, darkness consumes her. Lyn Hanis’s In Limbo is a poetic exposé of her tinted experiences and the postures imposed upon her. Despite Lyn’s struggle to break out, to be be relief from the weight of the world, she lays down irresolute and paralysed

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Artistic Director/Choreographer - Badarudin Hassan

Artistic Director/Choreographer - Lyn Hanis Rezuan

Dramaturg - Soultari Amin Farid

Director of Photography - Nadhir Zainal

Music Director of Fragments - Alhafiz Jamat

Music Director of In Limbo - Syafiqah Ad'Ha

Lighting Designer - Norisham Osman

Official Make up - Zoolmimi


Production Manager - Ainin Sofiya

Assistant Production Manager - Muhd Danial

Marketing Executive - Anna Natassha

Logistics Executive - Nuraddirah Ismail


Camera Assistants -

Zul Haily Rahmad

Ahmad Irfan

Muhd Nuh

Editting - 

Nadhir Zainal

Zul Haily Rahmad

Iqbal Faizal

Lighting Assistants -


Adelia Husna

Farahizyani Asilah